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Guilin Fuda Alfing Large Crankshaft Co., Ltd. Project Started Construction

Source: Guilin Fuda Co.,Ltd. | Author: Admin | Date: 2018-08-31 |  Font Size:T T T

On August 30, 2018, the groundbreaking ceremony for the project of Guilin Fuda Alfing Large Crankshaft Co., Ltd. was held in Guilin Fuda Co., Ltd. Zhang Xiaowu, member of the Standing Committee of Guilin Municipal Committee and executive deputy mayor, He Xinming, secretary of the Lingui New District Party Committee, were invited to participate in the ceremony. Zhang Xiaowu announced that the project was officially started.

Mr. Li Fuchao, Chairman of Fuda Co.,Ltd., and other leaders of the company, Mr. Schorp, the financial director of Alfing Germany and the supervisor of the joint venture company, the representatives of the construction unit, the employee representatives of Fuda Co.,Ltd., and the media reporters attended the ceremony and witnessed the important moment of the foundation.

Since the signing of the joint venture agreement between Fuda and Alfing on Feb.28th this year, the two companies quickly promote the establishment of the joint venture company as planned with rigorous and efficient work style, mutual trust and understanding. Within half a year, important work such as industrial and commercial registration, formal establishment of the joint venture company, the first meeting of the board of directors and the formal operation of the joint venture company have been completed. Since mid-August, the two sides have conducted face-to-face exchanges and consultations on current and future production line and layout of the joint venture company. The foundation of the project was an important milestone in the development of the joint venture company. Subsequently, the joint venture company will introduce advanced manufacturing technology and equipment to build a world-leading production line.

At the groundbreaking ceremony, Mr. Schorp delivered a warm speech. He thanked Fuda for her efforts in promoting various preparatory works after the signing of the joint venture cooperation agreement. They also appreciated the work efficiency and professionalism. He believed that the joint venture company will have better development in the future.

Zhao Hongwei, general manager of Guilin Fuda Co., Ltd. and chairman of the joint venture company, said in his speech that the establishment and development of Guilin Fuda Alfing Large Crankshaft Co., Ltd. is of great significance to both Fuda and Alfing. Not only will Alfing greatly promote the expansion of China's large crankshaft market, but also provide a new growth point for Fuda’s development, and will be the strong support for Fuda to the field of power for ships, large power machinery, nuclear power, etc. It will become an important breakthrough point for Fuda's industrial upgrading and structural adjustment.


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